How do our clients lose thigh fat in our bike shop?

In this post we will share how our clients lose thigh fat in our bike shop, cycling.

When it comes to losing weight, cardiovascular exercises play a big role. Just like any other exercise, cycling is a form of exercise that gives you busts of sweats after few minutes of cycling. It gets your heart pumping which is the key when it comes to fat loss. The speed and intensity of cycling however determines how much calories you burn.

For you to burn more calories you need to increase the intensity and even speed of your cycling. This increase in heart rate increases the amount of calories you burn hence helping you burn fat.

So how can they lose thigh fat?

cycling to lose weightSpot reduction especially on your thighs is not possible but through intense cycling either using stationary bikes or recumbent bikes it will help you lose weight in turn leading to fat loss around the thighs. Cycling also involves a lot of leg movement which helps in toning your calves and thighs. The movements also help in building lean muscle. That is why people who cycle have leaner legs and thighs than people who don’t.

Overall weight loss in cycling often leads to loss of thigh fat. To add definition and to make your thighs firm other exercises like squats and mountain biking is helpful.