Cycling to lose thigh fat

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Our anti-cellulite cycling class – our newest invention

Because most of our clients have cellulite, a few months ago, one of my main trainers got the idea that we should start an anti cellulite cycling class, so we have opened it this January, and so far hundreds of our clients have seen remarkable results on their cellulite areas. 

As we age our skin gets thinner hence revealing unsightly cellulite marks around the thighs. Cellulite occurs mostly in periods of rapid weight gain/ loss and affects most people despite of age or gender. However, with the right exercises that target the thighs, you can get rid of cellulite no matter your age. One of the best exercises to help you get rid of cellulite is cycling.

How do you get rid of cellulite by cycling?

cycling to get rid of cellulite

In the left you can meet one of our clients, Jenna, and these are her results after 2 months of cycling.

Cycling targets most stubborn areas where cellulite appears; the thighs. Cycling helps in not only toning your thighs but it aids in the loss of fat deposits/cellulite around the thighs. This is primarily because of the cardio involved. Continuous cycling with time will help you get smooth and cellulite free thighs.

In conclusion, cycling depending on how you view it can be fun and can be beneficial to your health as well. It not only helps in keeping our lungs healthy, it helps us maintain a healthy weight. Apart from cycling, getting good sleep, eating clean should all go a long way in helping you keep excess fat that might lead to cellulite at bay.

How do our clients lose thigh fat in our bike shop?

In this post we will share how our clients lose thigh fat in our bike shop, cycling.

When it comes to losing weight, cardiovascular exercises play a big role. Just like any other exercise, cycling is a form of exercise that gives you busts of sweats after few minutes of cycling. It gets your heart pumping which is the key when it comes to fat loss. The speed and intensity of cycling however determines how much calories you burn.

For you to burn more calories you need to increase the intensity and even speed of your cycling. This increase in heart rate increases the amount of calories you burn hence helping you burn fat.

So how can they lose thigh fat?

cycling to lose weightSpot reduction especially on your thighs is not possible but through intense cycling either using stationary bikes or recumbent bikes it will help you lose weight in turn leading to fat loss around the thighs. Cycling also involves a lot of leg movement which helps in toning your calves and thighs. The movements also help in building lean muscle. That is why people who cycle have leaner legs and thighs than people who don’t.

Overall weight loss in cycling often leads to loss of thigh fat. To add definition and to make your thighs firm other exercises like squats and mountain biking is helpful.

Cycling reinvented in our bike shop

Many people love cycling bicycles. Long gone are the days when bikes were used as a form of transport but today more people are embracing and using bikes not only as a means of transport but as a way of getting themselves in shape no matter their gender or age.

The different varieties of bicycles meant for either outdoors cycling or indoors cycling such as stationary bikes has made it possible for people to not only have fun biking wherever and whenever they want but to also help them stay in shape.

cycling bike shopAt ScallyWags we offer the opportunity of both buying and riding in our bike-shop at a very reasonable cost. We have a variety of both outdoor bikes and stationary bikes in which anyone can purchase for use either at home or as exercise equipment’s.

Our bike-shop is well equipped with a team of expert bicycle mechanics to help you get the perfect bike to suit your needs. We have a variety of bicycles ranging from single-seat upright bikes to more specialized bikes like tandem bicycles, recumbent bicycles and folding bicycles. Other varieties we have include unicycles all these tailored to suit everyone’s needs.

Our bike-shop ScallyWags also offers different types of services which include quality customer services, cycling lessons which are mostly done in our vast cycling rooms, bicycle fitting and maintenance. These services are mostly done by our team who are not only good at what they do but also help you choose the best bike to suit your needs.

One of our recent addition in our bike-shop is a new cycling room to help our clients get in shape in our bike-shop. The cycling room is not only the best place for people to learn cycling but also helps people lose weight and get rid of thigh fat and cellulite which can be stubborn to get rid of.

benefits of cycling


The benefits of cycling are numerous. Cycling aids in overall weight loss in turn loss of thigh fat which is often stubborn to get rid of. Apart from that you can get rid of cellulite just through cycling! You could be wondering, how can one lose cellulite through cycling? Before we discuss that; first lets find out how you can lose thigh fat through cycling. We’ll do it in the next article!